Labratory ServicesGemological Laboratory

International Gemological Services is a center for training and research.

The laboratory is equipped to

  • Identify gemstones for the jewelry trade, collectors and the public
  • Serve as your colored gemstone expert
  • Perform colored gemstone treatment research
  • Loan equipment to GIA students for course work, practice and proficiency

The Laboratory has all of the basic gemological equipment necessary for identifying colored gemstones as well as advanced equipment which aids in more difficult determinations.

Advanced equipment includes

  • Gran Colorimeter for color grading loose diamonds
  • G.L. Gem spectrometer (visual near infrared)
  • SSEF Diamond type spotter which aids in detecting some advanced diamond treatments and synthetics

Natural versus treated fancy color diamond detection might require more advanced equipment than this laboratory has available and might need to be sent to GIA. Sindi is happy to look at your diamond to see if that is a necessary action.

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