Gemological Training from Sindi Schloss

Course Objectives

  • To promote the science and study of gemology
  • To provide “hands-on” practical gemstone experience, leading to greater gem knowledge and retention
  • Training in use of gemological equipment and gem testing techniques, leading to positive gemstone identifications
  • To provide in depth gemstone information, resulting in knowledgeable gem purchasing (off street, gem shows, traveling, everyday business)
  • To stimulate and excite any lay person or gemstone aficionado alike, with the magic and mystery of gems, through greater understanding of all “facets” of gems i.e. world gemstone sources, properties, color ranges, etc.
  • Course material designed to provide PRACTICAL and APPLICABLE knowledge with immediate results

Who Should Apply

  • Anyone involved in the jewelry/gem trade (including antique dealers, second hand store owners/dealers, jewelry store owners & personnel, independent jewelers & brokers, etc.
  • Anyone interested in becoming involved in the jewelry/gem trade
  • Those considering GIA courses
  • Those already enrolled in GIA, but desiring hands-on gemstone contact as well as personalized instruction


  • The courses rotate throughout the year. All courses (except Gem Identification) are offered one night per week.
  • Classes are kept small to maximize hands-on learning. A maximum of eight (8) students will be accepted per class.
  • Course admittance is based on space available. Call for start up dates and to reserve your name on the class roster as soon as possible.
  • Students will be accepted on a first come basis, off the reservation roster. Exceptions will be considered for certain circumstances (leaving town, time restraints, etc.)


  • Withdrawal two weeks prior to class beginning: 100% refund
  • Withdrawal one week before class begins. Full refund LESS registration fee
  • Withdrawal during or up to the fourth class: We retain registration fee plus class fees up to number of classes attended
  • Several options are available for missed classes. Ask instructor.
  • Repeat students taking the course again are entitled to a 35% discount.
  • A Certificate of Completion is awarded, recognizing successful achievement of intense course study.

Diamonds & Diamond Grading

The diamond course concentrates on practical diamond identification and grading. Emphasis will be placed on physical, optical and light related properties of diamonds, which are used to distinguish them from the common market stimulants. Imitation study and treatment of diamonds will be covered. Hands-on work with diamonds will lead to student familiarity and comfort with diamond grading (to include color, clarity, and cut analysis complying the with GIA grading system).

The course consists of eight weeks of intensive three hour classes.

COST: $385.00

Advanced Diamond Grading

A more advanced diamond grading course building on skills gained in the Diamonds and Diamond Grading Course. Included in this course are cutting edge topics relating to the four “C”‘s, including branded cutting styles (“ideal range”, plotting, new treatment and detection methods, as well as general practice.

This course consists of six weeks of intensive three hour classes.

COST: $325.00

Colored Stone Gemology – Part I

An introductory course designed to familiarize the student with the major colored gemstone normally seen in a jewelry business. A general knowledge and command of gemstone identification will be the result of this course.

Course material includes: gem locations, physical and optical properties, identification processes including instrument use (magnification, specific gravity, refractometer, polariscope, dichroscope and ultraviolet light).

This course consists of ten weeks of intensive three hour classes.

COST: $425.00

Colored Stone Gemology – Intermediate

This intermediate colored gemstone course is designed as a continuation of valuable gemological information and practical work necessary for gemstone knowledge and identification. Course materials include: further practical work used in gem ID, detailed study of synthetic processes and their identification, treatments and their identifications, colored stone grading systems, pearls, jade, other colored stones, field gemology and general value discussions. Actual gemstone testing and laboratory experience will result in a well informed and thus a comfortable interaction with colored stones.

The course will consist of seven weeks of intensive three hour classes.

COST: $350.00

Colored Stone Gemology – Advanced

This course is designed to make students more proficient in gemstone identification. Each week concentrates on a particular color, examining those gemstones which fall into that color range and work on characteristics that distinguish one from another that are useful in everyday gemology. Various challenges which refresh and update gemstone knowledge are included (inclusions, phenomenon, etc.)

This course consists of ten weeks of two hour workshops.

COST: $425.00

The History of Human Adornment… since Cavemen

An intriguing and hands-on overview of the origin of humans’ desire to wear jewelry. As beads were the first material object not necessary for survival, they have been considered an indicator of when early hominids developed the ability to symbolize and thus become “modern man”. This course will examine the use of beads in adornment, trade, spirituality and religion, symbology and ethnic identity from prehistory to the present.

Course Outline…

This course consists of ten 2-3 hour seminars.

COST: $425.00

How to register

Call 480-947-5866 for start up dates and to reserve your name on the class roster as soon as possible.

Available Seminars, Workshops & Lectures by Sindi Schloss

(printable copy)


  • Red stone challenge
  • Orange, yellow/golden stone challenge
  • Green stone challenge
  • Blue stone challenge
  • Purple, pink stone challenge


  • Sight ID challenge: Gems we should be able to detect by visual appearance
  • Inclusion challenge
  • Phenomenon challenge
  • Diamond simulant challenge
  • African Gem Challenge


  • Educated eyeball: ID’ing Gemstones in the Field! (A FAVORITE!)
  • Organics and their imitations (and the tests that separate them)


  • The History of Human Adornment… since Cavemen
  • Symbology: Symbols in Human Adornment
  • Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst with Jerry Romanella (CMC)
  • Exotic Organics in Human Adornment
  • Estate Exotics: Gems of the People – Collectible Beads


Call for more information – 480-947-5866